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Best Workout DVD For Weight Loss

By implementing cardio, weight training and a healthy diet, you can maximize your weight loss and your health.  Focusing only on cardio and skipping strength training could actually make it harder for you to lose weight. In fact, you may even gain weight – especially if your cardio workouts exceed 45 minutes. If you do cardio too long, your body consumes muscle for energy. For most people, that “too long” mark is at about 45 minutes. Done over and over again, day after day, this excess cardio could have a substantial impact on your body – and the muscle loss could decrease your metabolism and result in weight gain. The best option for weight loss is  achieved through a combination of cardiovascular exercise (i.e., treadmill, biking, swimming) and weight training/strength training and a feeding the muscles with good nutrition.

A new workout dvd for weight loss is available called Herbalife24 Fit.