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Eating soup to lose weight

Chances are that at some point in time you may have known somebody who tried a soup diet, whether it was the cabbage soup diet, the vegetable diet, the chicken diet or the tomato soup diet. Hospitals are well known for prescribing soups to patients who have heart problems and everyone has a granny who keeps a steaming pot of chicken soup for the common cold.

Does a Soup Diet Work?

 Soup fills you up for longer it’s all to do with the particular way the stomach shrinks and expands.  And was demonstrated during some research on a BBC programme about “10 things you need to know about losing weight”.   Soup contains negligible calories, the more you eat, the more you lose, but  can you only be eating soup? Any diet can be followed for a short time period but can you maintain a programme for the weeks and months needed to lose weight, maintain your weight.  And most people agree that they key to success is to have a balanced diet and “feed the body” rather than have a restricted diet and “starve it.”

Soup as a Healthy Snack?

Herbalife’s approach is to get protein into every meals and then have a balance of snacks between fruit, protein and vegetable. And soup  can be  one those healthy snacks.


Herbalife Gourmet Tomato Soup is savoury and hot and ideal for the winter months. It’s calorie-controlled at only 104 kcal, and high in protein and fibre to keep you fuller for longer!

Soup is a high volume, low energy food, it provides the feeling of satiety and fullness, without the extra calories often found in larger meals or less healthy, convenient snacks.

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