Quick Spark Boosts ATP Energy

With Herbalife’s Quick Spark you can get natural energy at cellular level. The human body has millions of cells that need CoEnzyme 1 to function at their very best.

Unique and trademarked, no other product available today acts instantly like Quick Spark!

  • Quick Spark provides CoEnzyme 1, which triggers ATP energy production at a cellular level. ATP is a highly complex process where energy is created in order for our cells to function. Our bodies ATP energy is used to fuel all our organs, muscles and bones.
  • The more CoEnzyme 1 cells have, the more ATP energy is produced.
  • Everyone needs CoEnzyme 1 to fuel your cells so your body can function, so you can move your arm, blink, think and breathe!

The Benefits of using Quick Spark

  • The effective fast acting lozenges dissolve quickly and easily, helping to boost stamina, restoring alertness and energy.
  • It provides 10mg of CoEnzyme 1 which plays a primary role in energy production at a cell level.
  • Contains no caffeine, no sugar, no calories and is NOT an artificial stimulant.

Who is QuickSpark good for?

  • For professional people with demanding careers
  • For students, shift workers, lorry drivers or anyone short of sleep but still requiring mental clarity and focus
  • For athletes to increase sports performance
  • For over 60s who need extra energy on a day-to-day basis


QuickSpark is sold in boxes of 20 lozenges. Place under tongue until fully dissolved. For maximum effectiveness do not chew lozenges.

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